Senegalese Restaurant Baye Fall

EDITED: The Baye Fall restaurant closed its doors.

One of the most interesting gastronomic experiences I had in Madrid was going to try the incredible Senegalese food that can be tasted in this city.

More specifically, I went to the Baye Fall restaurant, located in the heart of the multi-ethnic Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés. To be more precise, it is in front of the Agustín Lara square, in an area that has a nice "tasty", it is like being in another country within the Spanish capital.

baye fall

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Baye Fall is a very nice place, it has tables inside, and when the weather is friendly, they also put them outside. It is decorated with motifs related to your country, and you can get stuck at the entrance door offers to travel to Senegal.

In the area there are many Africans, it is common to see them standing around the restaurant and of course in eating. There is no better sign that you are in the right place than that: the native people of the country visit it.

The letter is simple. Few dishes, good prices.

The most recommended, if you go for the first time as was my case, is to order the national dish of Senegal: Thiebou Dien, which is a brown rice with fish and various vegetables like carrot, cabbage and eggplant. Also take tamarind sauce.

thiebou dien

Another interesting dish that You can try it is the Mafe, which is a stew of meat made with peanut sauce and tomato accompanied by white rice. Compared with the Thiebou Dien it can be something simple, but it has a very particular flavor that mixes sweet with salty. It's totally worth it.

rice mafe mafe

In addition to these, there are other options on the menu, such as the beef curry with onion sauce Thiou Curry , the Thieré which is a black couscous with peanut sauce and meat and of course the lamb dish: Michiou .

Whatever your choice in this restaurant, you will get a good taste in your mouth, literally.

Address: Calle Mesón de Paredes 55 (in front of the Plaza de Agustín Lara), just a halfway between the Lavapiés metro station (L3) and the Tirso de Molina metro station (L1).