Eating in Madrid: hedonism without remorse

delights to eat in Madrid

Madrid, we finally see each other again. It's been 17 years since I last ate a piece of ham in one of your bars.

The years have changed you. Today you are more than the capital of Spain. You have become a cosmopolitan city, a meeting point for visitors from all over the world, who use you as a base to jump to other places, or as a main destination for a vacation.

Visit you, my dear Madrid, means sitting down to savor yourself calmly, with a glass of red wine in one hand, and a skewer, sandwich, omelette, olive, bread, lamb chop, prawn, anchovy, squid, knife, red pepper, cheese ... another.

eat in madrid lentils

It is impossible not to want to abuse your culinary benefits There is no way to avoid becoming hedonistic while you go through your streets looking for a small space where they serve a stew for less than 10 euros. And there is no greater pleasure than getting that place and that the food is perfect.

Do you know what is the most fun of all Madrid? That you never get bored You offer a variety of food products, recipes, menus, dishes and flavors directly proportional to the huge number of restaurants, bars and pubs that are deployed throughout your city.

Such variety is the result of being a ciudad vitrina, a country capital that brings together a bit of the gastronomy of its regions, and of course, of the different immigrant groups that give color and variety to your neighborhoods.

 paella cocido madrid

Is not Madrid wonderful? Have the option to eat a sandwich with calamari bread and 1 block away to taste a delicious Thai meal.

Or get closer to the surroundings of the San Miguel Market, enjoy some tapas and then walk and get lost in the center, until suddenly reach the neighborhood of Lavapiés to end the hunger with an incredible African food.

Are you Latin American and miss the flavors of your country? It will not be difficult for you to get arepas, ceviches, chupes, trays paisas, bifés de chorizo ​​and stop counting.

Madrid, you are made to walk calmly, on foot, looking at your museums, parks , sit on your stools to watch the people go by. But especially Madrid, you're made to eat, with glass of red wine and coffee included.

octopus boquerones madrid

Tips if you visit Madrid

-Comer, eat, eat ... dedicate yourself to hedonism, wine, omelet, lamb. Plan your visits to parks, museums, meetings with friends about where to have lunch/dinner.

-Office yourself from fast food. In many restaurants there is the so-called "menu of the day". For 10-11 euros you can enjoy first and second course, dessert and drink (which can be beer or wine).

menu del día madrid

-In the main street # 73 there is a Galician restaurant called Arcade that is ideal to sit down and dine until the buttons of your pants go off. Please, do not forget to ask for the fried anchovies.

-In that same street, about 10 meters away, there is a bar called Cervecería La Mayor, which is dedicated to -addicts- beer, with a formidable full letter of options and a very friendly owner that will surely give you the best recommendations. Oh, order a ration of lentils. You will cry of happiness with each spoonful.

-The San Miguel Market is expensive and very touristy, but it is an experience that you can savor.Read here my review of the place.

- Asian food? There is a lot! And very good! Read my post dedicated exclusively to Asian food in Madrid.

-A few meters from the subway exit of Atocha is a place called El Brillante. Enter and ask for "the famous sandwich that you prepare" (SPOILER ALERT: it is bread with squid). Madrileño and authentic like few.

the bright mouthful of calamari

These tips They are personal and correspond to what was in my recent visit to the Spanish capital. I invite you, as a resident or tourist, to comment on your favorite recommendations for eating in Madrid.