The new Chinese Mandarines of La Candelaria

If you live in Caracas, you are a fan of Chinese food and not just lumpias, chop suey and fried rice, then this post is of interest to you.

If you know the Chinese Mandarines of Los Palos Great, this post interests you even more.

If you read here in Comedera.Com my text about the mystery of Chinese aubergines with garlic and coriander, THIS POST INTERESTS YOU TRIPLEMENT MORE .

A couple of weeks ago I was walking through La Candelaria, buying I do not remember what it was like when I passed by the front of a new executive hotel in the area and I was struck by a sign at the entrance saying: " Chinese Mandarin Restaurant - Hotel Penthouse ".

Immediately I read the menu that was part of the poster and the dishes were exactly the same as the famous Mandarin Chinese from Los Palos Grandes. In fact, there was more variety.

As it was already lunchtime I went up to find out.


Remember the story of Joel and the Chinese Maria of my post of aubergines with garlic? Well, it turns out that a few months ago Joel and the other chef of the Chinese Mandarines separated. Joel stayed at Los Palos Grandes, and the other cook went to this place in La Candelaria. He took the recipes, and added extra dishes. (Karma).

The place is located on the top floor of Hotel Alex, located half a block from Plaza Candelaria, in Caracas. It has been opened for a few months and is managed by this former Joel partner.

You can park in the hotel, and simply go up to the PH and you will find the restaurant on the outdoor terrace, roofed, with a view towards the street, the square and the Avila.

You can see the menu below:

Includes all the dishes they prepare at Los Palos Grandes, including aubergines, garlic flower, shrimp crunch ... and has some new ones like wontons and fish dishes.

That day I tried eggplant, mixed rice, a pork dish with vegetables and empanadas stuffed with pork: everything was delicious.

I liked it so much that 3 days later I came back.

On that occasion I ordered fried shrimp-filled, excellent wontons: Beef with vegetables: excellent too. And mixed rice noodles: again excellent. It's worth going to the place. It is super well located. The prices are from Caracas average Chinese restaurant, but the food is very different and closer to what they eat.


Hotel Alex , East Avenue 0, corner of Ferrenquin to La Cruz, 50 meters from Plaza Candelaria (2 blocks from Parque Carabobo metro station), La Candelaria. Caracas.

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Photo: Lawyer Mariano Díaz.