Natraj Restaurant: Indian food in Lisbon

Everyone already knows that I am obsessed with Chinese gastronomy, right? That every time I travel, wherever I go, I look for a place to eat it to see how it tastes in that place.

Well, I happen to have a similar obsession with Indian food (which I confess I discovered a few years ago ). I do exactly the same thing: travel and look for Indian dishes in the place where I am.

I did it in Lisbon. They took me to a " Indian restaurant " where I ate so much that I could not walk afterwards.

The place is called Natraj and it has several branches, the one I visited was the center in the Rua dos Sapateiros # 171.

The prices are super friendly and the menu is quite extensive. In fact, if you do not know anything about Indian food it may cost you a bit to know what to order, tell the waiter to help you. Or keep reading ...

We were 3 people, so we decided to ask for varied dishes to share among all.

First they brought us a portion of Naan, which is an Indian bread with butter delicious, they serve you accompanied with 4 different sauces, each one more good than the other.

Then they served us:

Bangan Ka Bartha. Eggplant curry with green peas, onions and tomatoes.

Lamb green curry. Creamy, with lots of mint and curry leaves.

Chicken Biryani. Rice with chicken, raisins and cashew nuts.

They also brought us white rice to accompany.

All the dishes were perfect. Delicious, with a lot of flavor, different from each other. Authentic and rich food of India.

At the time of ordering everything they ask you the level of spiciness, so according to your personal taste you can ask for it "without spicy", "little spicy", "medium spicy" or "very spicy". It's your choice.

The cost for 3 people of all this feast was 28.80 euros including drinks and a coffee, as you can see on the bill.

Is it worth going to eat Indian in Lisbon? For me if. In fact, whenever I visit Lisbon, I'll go to the restaurant Natraj.

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